Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association(UUEA) exists to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ in Nigeria and beyond by all scriptural means in the power of the Holy Spirit, to encourage worship of God and promote fellowship among believers; to develop educational work in so far as seems necessary for the proper growth and efficiency of the church.

When you believe in God’s voice speaking to you through this site, you come into a new status and cannot be limited by any force of darkness and in believing, you enable God to back you up. God has put a dream inside of you. But you need to know how to approach God’s throne.

Your sense of value determines what God can give you. The Word of God is self-intriguing but without faith it is of no use. As you go through the words spoken, listen to Audio messages, and watch video services online on this website, mix them all with some level of faith and you are guaranteed a great future and blessed existence