Breaking Of Curses and Covenants

The effects of Curses and Covenants make life hopeless and frustrating which ought not to be so.

Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai reveals the secrets to freedom from the captivity of curses and evil covenants.

Here in this classic by Africa's foremost gospel evangelist, are the keys to freedom and living a fullfiling and prosperous life. This timeless truth will surely give answers to your quest for total freedom from curses and evil covenants.

Begin this amazing pathway to freedom today and discover how to:

a) Recognize the root of curses

b) Break generational curses

c) Unleash the power of sacrifice and lots more.

The contents of this book are as follows:

1. The Meaning of Curses and Covenants

2. Types of Curses and Covenants

3. The Root of Curses

4. The Covenant of Deliverance

5. Strategies for Breaking Curses and Evil Covenants

6. Breaking Generational Curses

7. Pulling down family Altars

8. The Altar of Sacrifice

9. How to stop the enemy

10. A new dawn

You shall surely celebrate a new dawn.