Victory Cathedral
Victory Cathedral is not a Church. It is a weekly fellowship of believers from various denominations. It all started in Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai’s sitting room. Now it has grown to accommodate thousands per service. Despite the growth of Victory Cathedral, Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai’s commitment to every service is unwavering. The programmes that consists each service includes:

Opening Prayers

This marks the beginning of the Service which is often by 6pm.

Praise and worship

The praise team leads the congregation to a time of praise and worship to bring down the presence of God.

Prayer Care group meetings:

This is a session where the fellowship members are divided into zones based on where they live. In the zones souls are reached at the grassroot level and brought to the fellowship for grooming.

Hymnal session

This is a session where hymns in the Church Hymnary are taken by the entire congregation.

Choir Ministration

The Choir Ministration is usually the last activity before the Man of God starts preaching. It is usually an anointed session, aimed at lifting the spirit of the congregation to a place where their spirit can be in tune to communicated with God’s spirit that will be speaking through the servant of God.

The Word by Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai

This is the session where the Word is preached by Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai. It is usually a 4-in-1 package consisting of the word, praise, worship and miracles.


This is a session that presents an opportunity for the members to sow seeds, give offerings or pay tithes.